Sunday, May 26, 2019

Be in Awe of God

Does this photo cause you to pause, look at it more closely and wonder at how a tree is able to possibly grow in the way and place where this tree is growing? I find this tree amazing. I look at the photo and think there is no way possible for a tree to grow - and apparently thrive in such a rough place. It leaves me feeling a sense of "awe"; I am left "fearing" the tree and more accurately, God who made it possible for this lone tree to thrive in this rough place.

One of the definitions for "fear" on Dictionary(dot)com is;
"Thave a reverential awe"
When Proverbs 9 talks about how; "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom", it is not talking about us being afraid of God. It is all about us having a, "reverential awe" for God. He made it possible for this tree to grow and thrive in a very rough and "unfriendly" environment and He is certain to do the same for us and for the children we love.

So, if you have children and grandchildren who are walking with God, please allow this verse and photo to encourage you and know God is able and willing to help them thrive in whatever place they find themselves. If you have children and grandchildren who are not walking with God, take heart as well in knowing God is able to bring them through the place they are, so they will thrive once again.

Share freely with the ones you love the many ways, big and small, in which God leaves you in awe - make sure they know you are in awe of God. This is where wisdom begins and we certainly want and need wisdom when it comes to handing down the faith.

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