Monday, May 20, 2019

Build Strong Bonds

Yesterday I was able to take my grandsons to church with me. I was sitting in the area where the children are checked in to the Children's Ministry at my church and had the opportunity to notice several grandmas with their grandchildren. It was abundantly clear the grandmas love their grandchildren and I was so happy to see the love mirrored back to their grandmas in the eyes of the grandchildren. 

God knew what He was doing when He created families - and grandparents in particular. We grandmas and grandpas love our families. We love our grandchildren. I knew the first time I saw my grandchildren, I would love them forever - and each time I see them I am more and more convinced of this truth. Because we love our grandchildren the way we do, we grandparents are a natural and effective way to hand down faith. Those, "generational bonds" give us a "platform" from which we are able to talk about things which matter the most and a "right" to be heard.

So, continue to build those, "generational bonds" and use them to hand down the faith. God gave you the grandchildren you have for a reason . . . and He gave them you for a reason as well. What you say and do truly does makes a real and lasting difference.

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