Friday, May 3, 2019

Encourage Your Grandchildren with - I'm Proud of the Work You Did!

Do you have a grandchild who has learned something new? How to read? How to play a sport? How do code? How to play an instrument? Whatever it is they have learned, take time today to encourage them and let them know you are proud of the work they did.

Do you have a grandchild who has been working hard to learn something new, but just has not been able to, "get it"? Our grandchildren often receive conflicting messages from the world around them. On one hand, they are told they are able to do anything if they work hard enough and on the other hand they may experience hearing other children, or even adults, tell them they are not "good enough". 

The truth is there are things which if our grandchildren work hard to learn, they will be able to succeed, but there are other things no matter how hard they work, they will not be able to accomplish the thing for which they are working. If you have a grandchild who is struggling to accomplish something, take time today to encourage them by letting them know you are proud of the work they did - whether they "succeeded", or not. 

Take time to share with them some of your own, "Faith History" and tell them about times when you worked to learn something and succeeded, and times when you did not. Offer to help them continue to try to learn if it is appropriate, or offer to help them learn something new. Definitely take time to pray with them to thank God for helping them succeed or to help them learn from the experience. Pray and thank God for creating them to be the unique, amazing person they are with the abilities and gifts God has given to them. Pray they will learn to use them as He intends. 

Either way, be sure they know you are, "in their corner" and you are "for them"! Whether our grandchildren worked hard to succeed at something or worked hard and were not able to accomplish what they worked for, we are able to encourage them by saying; "I'm Proud of the Work You Did!"

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