Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Even When We Are Old . . .

I LOVE the last part of this verse/prayer in Psalm 92 . . . 
"Even when you are old, you will be fresh and able to say how God is your Rock and all He does is good and right!"
There are times when we feel older than others, but whether we feel old or not, the truth is we are not getting any younger. However; it is not a bad thing for us to get older - better than the alternative by far!

Growing older means we have had more days to see and experience for ourselves, "the great things God does for us and how much He loves and thinks about us." It gives us more time to, "remember and tell about His love and faithfulness". These things do, "fill our heart with joy and praise to God" and cause us to, "grow and bear fruit", so we are able to tell others - especially our children and grandchildren.

Consider making this your prayer in the coming week - for you and pray it for the ones you love as well, so as they grow up, these things will be true for them as well.

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