Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - God Has So Graciously Forgiven Us

The world in which we live is not always quick to show and offer forgiveness. People seem to want to see others, "get what is coming to them". But, God has so graciously forgiven us, so we have the wonderful opportunity to help our grandchildren understand what forgiveness is all about. As we model forgiveness to them, we will find we have the perfect opportunity to talk with them about how God forgives them and how they are able to forgive others as well. Consider this Mystery Bag Project to help your grandchildren learn about forgiveness.

You will need . . .
  • Paper lunch bags - one per child.
  • Clear, plastic cups - two per child.
  • Food coloring - use any color you want or let your grandchildren choose the color they want.
  • Water 
  • Bleach
I suggest doing this project outside on a nice day . . . watch the video to see how to do this simple project at the following link.

Gather your grandchildren, hand out the bags, relocate outside and lead them in this simple project. After you complete the project, clean up the bleach (dispose of properly) then talk about how God's love, grace and forgiveness are like the bleach, our "lives" are like the water and the things we do wrong, the unwise choices, the sins we do are like the food coloring. When we make these unwise choices and sin, it "stains" our lives. God could just shake His head and tell us since we disobeyed Him and made an unwise choice, or sinned we will have to deal with it on our own. While we often do have to deal with the consequences of our actions and decisions, we do not have to do so alone, because God graciously gives us His love, grace and forgiveness when we ask Him to do so. Then, He stays with us as we go through whatever we have to go though and He helps us learn from what we did, so we are able to make the choice to obey and walk with Him going forward.

Tell your grandchildren when they see or smell bleach to remember how God loves us so much He is willing to forgive us.

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