Friday, May 31, 2019

Let's Spend Our Time Wisely

This is one of the times of the year when we tend to stop and think about, "time". We think about it in regards to how quickly it has been passing as our dearly loved grandchildren are no longer cute little babies with chubby cheeks or even toddlers, preschoolers or young children. Our grandchildren do what grandchildren do - they grow up and some of them have been celebrating this growing; milestones in the time of their lives as they graduated, whether it be from grade school, high school or even college.

My oldest grandson just graduated from Fifth Grade. Now, he said he thought it was, "silly" to "graduate" from Fifth Grade, but he has finished the grades in the school he has been attending, as it just goes through Fifth Grade and he will now be entering Middle School/Junior High; a milestone in his life for sure. As his grandma, I enjoyed seeing him in his little graduation hat and especially his "self-portrait" . . . apparently the Fifth Graders all painted self-portraits and my grandson did so giving himself a beard and mustache! He does absolutely have a sense of humor!

Regardless of if you have a grandchild who is graduating, or not, they and we all, "spend time" each day of our lives. We need to be people who model well what it means and looks like to live our lives in a way which shows what it looks like to spend time wisely. As grandparents we spend time wisely when we hand down the faith - we are not able to afford to waste the time we have left - we need to do what matters the most . . . hand down the faith.

And we need to help the ones we love learn to spend wisely the time given to them by God as well. So, as you think about time, make it part of your prayers for you - and the ones you love - to spend the time God gives in as wise a way as possible.

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  1. This reminded me about “spending versus investing.” Investing results in dividends, while spending doesn’t. With that in mind, the time we “spend” with our grands because they are eternal souls is well invested! Time “spent” ministering on behalf of God is also invested. That could be making a meal for someone who is recovering or even shopping for baby things for a local pregnancy center. Many good ways to invest our time. Since minutes add up to hours and hours to days, it is so good to consider..”Am I investing my life in eternal pursuits...things that will last, or am I just spending it? Thank you for this post! It was tome well invested!


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