Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Love Always Protects, Trusts, Hopes & Perseveres

Several years ago when my grandsons were three and six, we were at a fast-food restaurant with a play place (not the one you are likely thinking of). The boys were playing on the play-structure - they both climbed right up to the top. Then my younger grandson looked down and decided he was not happy where he was. He asked his poppa to come get him, but poppa could not go up there to get him. My older grandson came to the "rescue"! He climbed up next to his little brother and guided him all the way down. He calmly and gently told him where to put his feet and what to hold on to until they reached the bottom! 

A few years later we were at a trampoline park which also had a play-structure. My now middle grandson was the one who came to the rescue of his little brother, who, like him years earlier, climbed to the top and decided he didn't really like being where he was. Once again the older brother (who previously was the little brother) came to the rescue of the little brother and gently, calmly guided him to the bottom.

Bot times I was so happy to see the older brothers show love in a gentle, kind way as they came to the "rescue" of their little brothers and "protected" them by persevering and helping them to the bottom. They both showed love.

Love always protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres and this is something we are able to help our grandchildren learn in everyday and unexpected ways. Watch for ways they show love and point it out to them. Help your grandchildren understand love is not just a feeling; love shows itself in action . . . protecting others, trusting, hoping and not giving up. When they do these things, they are loving others and obeying God.

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