Monday, May 13, 2019

Love God with Our All & Help Our Grandchildren Do This As Well

Okay, so we know God loves us; His Word makes this absolutely clear, we just have to believe it. Believing God loves us sets us up for the next step - we love Him back. It is simple, yet essential; we love God like He loves us - with our all.

Someone asked Jesus what the most important thing was for us to do and Jesus said;
Luke 10:27 - “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” 
This is how we are to love God - with our all. So, lets think about what we as grandmas are able to do to help our grandchildren learn to love God with their all.

Jesus said to love God with all our heart and soul; to me this means God is first - we do not have anyone or anything we love more than we love God. Now this may be difficult for our grandchildren to understand, because how are they able to love someone the most when they are not able to even see Him? But, we are able to help them with this by giving them some simple ways to love God with all their heart and soul. Consider the following ideas . . . 
  1. We show we love someone the most by choosing to be with them - we are able to be with God by spending time in His Word. Walk through Scripture verses/passages throughout the Summer to help your grandchildren learn to read and think about God's Word. Provide resources which help them learn to read God's Word such as the Friends with God Bible for young grandchildren, study Bibles for older grandchildren and Generations Quest for all your grandchildren. Help your grandchildren learn to be people who make a priority out of reading God's Word every day - this is one way they will grow in their love for God.
  2. We show we love others by talking with them - help your grandchildren learn to be people who talk with God. One way to help your grandchildren do this is to take the verses/passages you are reading with them each week and personalize them into prayers - make them the prayers you and your grandchildren pray together each week. Help them learn to pray for others - ask people for requests and pray for them with your grandchildren. As you do these things with them, they will learn to be people who talk with God.
  3. Seems obvious, but go to church. Sadly most children in this country only go to church on average once every other week - this means out of 336 hours (the number of hours in two weeks) they are at church for one to three hours - depending on if they go to church on Sundays and mid-week. Help your grandchildren make church a priority. When going to church to learn more about God and spend time with others who love Him is a priority, it shows we love God.
  4. Help your grandchildren discover their gifts and learn to serve others. Using the gifts God has given them is a great way to show our love for God. Find service projects or ways your grandchildren are able to serve at church and help them become people who volunteer and serve.
These are things we do when we love God with all our heart and soul. Jesus also said to love God with all our strength and mind, so to help our grandchildren do this consider the following . . . 
  1. When we were children, most people believed in God and the Bible - or at least it seemed so; sadly it is not the same today. In fact, it is quickly becoming the opposite. It takes strength and determination to believe the truth when those around you do not believe; and especially when they may mock you as being foolish for believing fairy tales when you believe in God and the Bible. We are able to help our grandchildren become people who love God with all their strength and minds by helping them learn how the truth, how the facts show God's Word is true. Earlier this month I wrote about and provided links to a number of excellent resources from Josh McDowell - if you have not checked them out, do. Then share them with your grandchildren. Help them gain the confidence God's Word is really true! This confidence will help them love God with all their mind.
  2. Make a point out of watching for opportunities to encourage your grandchildren as they grow in their love for God. When they stand up for what they believe, when they show love to others, when they make time to read their Bible and pray; point out how they are loving God with all their strength as they do these things.
These are all important things for us to do to help our grandchildren become people who love God with their all, but the first, and most important step, is for us to love God with our all. We need to model in our own day-in-day out life what it looks like to love God with our all by being people who do these things ourselves. When our grandchildren see us loving God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, they will understand what it is and will want to do it themselves.

God loves us with His all, so we are able to love Him with our all - and this is absolutely true for our grandchildren as well. Focus this Summer on helping them understand, believe and then make this a priority for their own lives as well.

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