Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Love is . . . Patient

I have been writing this week about loving God and others with our all and how doing this changes our lives, and the lives of our grandchildren as well. I shared ideas about how to help our grandchildren believe and understand God loves them and how they are able to love God and others with their all as well.

I am absolutely convinced when we love God and others with our all this world will be a much better place for everyone. So, today and for the next week I'm sharing part of 1 Corinthians 13 with you along with ideas to help you show your grandchildren what this is and how to live it - what better explanation is there of what love is and looks like.

Love is patient - when we truly love others, we will be patient with them. Model patience to your grandchildren over the coming summer and help them learn to be people who show their love for others by being patient. Consider the following ideas for ways to help them be patient . . . 
  • Write "Love is patient" on sticky notes and put them around your home at the eye level of your grandchildren - and give them some to place around their home as well for a reminder to show love by being patient. If your grandchildren live far away, mail them some sticky notes to put around their home. 
  • Make a fun project with your grandchildren which takes some time to assemble/prepare. As they work and wait, talk about how love shows itself by being patient. Applaud them for showing patience as they work on/wait for their project. You may try making bread - mix the ingredients, knead the dough, then wait for it to rise - and wait and wait. Finally bake and then enjoy a slice of fresh baked bread. If you make a couple loaves you could have your grandchildren share one with your neighbors. For grandchildren who live far, arrange with parents to do whatever project you choose, send supplies and as they work on/wait for their project, connect with your phone, facetime, etc and talk about patience.
  • If you are people who enjoy gardening (and who do not have the black thumbs of death - as do I where everything you plant dies . . . my children once grounded me from ever having live plants again. They said it was cruel and unusual punishment . . . for the plants!) take time to plant a garden with your grandchildren. Over the summer involve your grandchildren with helping to water, weed, etc. Talk about how it takes patience to grow items, but the reward for this patience comes at harvest time - or as you are able to enjoy the lovely flowers bloom. For grandchildren who live far, buy some seeds - send them some seeds and keep some for you. Plan to connect and plant your seeds at the same time. Connect over the summer as the plants grow and have the same conversations about patience with them.
These are just a few ideas of ways to help your grandchildren better understand what patience is and how to show it. Talk with them about how love is patient - it is willing to wait, work, help, "water", "weed", etc. And, very importantly, watch for your grandchildren to show love and be sure they know when you see them being patient.

Love is patient - and so are we!

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