Friday, May 17, 2019

Love is . . . Thankful, Humble & Puts Others First

I want my grandsons to be people who are truly thankful, humble and who put others first, so this summer along with focusing upon how much God loves them, how they are able to love God and others with their all, this grandma will pay attention and notice when the boys show love by doing these things, too. 

Our world often makes it seem like putting yourself and the things you want first is the way to live, but we know the opposite is true. God wants us to have true joy and it is found, not by envying others, boasting and thinking of ourselves, but by being thankful, humble and putting others first. This is the truth, so I will model these things to my grandsons.

Now, this is all great to write, but what do we do if our grandchildren do not often show a thankful heart? What if they do not tend to be humble and put others first? I once had a friend share how when working as a "sample lady" at a big box store, she was dismayed at how often people just took the samples and never said, "Thank you". I made a point - as has my husband, son and daughter-in-law, to encourage our grandsons when they were young, to always say, "thank you" to the sample people. As they grew up, it became something which was, "just the way we do it". I am always happy to see the sample people's faces light up when my grandsons say thank you - now on their own without prompting from us. 

Apparently this has made a big impact on several of the regular sample people as one time when my husband and I were shopping, we stopped near a sample lady and she said hello and commented on how she thought our grandsons would really like the item she had available as a sample - the boys were not with us on this particular day. She recognized us as the, "thankful boys'" grandparents.

Thankfulness is taught by word and most importantly, by action. If we want our grandchildren to be people who are thankful, we need to model it to them. We need to be certain we take time to sincerely thank them when they help, when they say something kind, when they do anything - no matter how small. 

Another way to teach thankfulness is by involving our grandchildren - and entire family - in expressing their thanks to God at mealtime. In my family we have everyone at the table share something for which they are thankful - when my youngest grandson was two, he always said he was thankful for donuts -whether we had any in the house . . . or not! As they have grown older, it makes me happy to hear my grandsons express their thanks to God.

And, when it comes to teaching what it means to be humble and put others first, these things are better "caught than taught" by what we do; when we model these things consistently and faithfully, they will be "caught".

Love is thankful, humble & puts others first . . . and so do we.

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