Sunday, May 19, 2019

Love Makes Peace & Forgives

There are many "aspects" of love which I want my grandsons to understand - Love is kind, patient, puts others first, etc., but one very important part of love, which is often overlooked, is - Love makes peace and forgives. Whether it involves making peace with and forgiving a sibling, friend or as they grow up their spouse, the truth is love makes peace and forgives. 

This may be very difficult to do in some cases, but thankfully God models this perfectly for us as He made peace with and forgave us. When you focus on this part of love with your grandchildren, it is the perfect opportunity to share with them how Jesus forgave them and they are able to experience this, if they have not already done so. If they have, it is a wonderful time to review what Jesus did for us upon the cross and how we have are now able to offer others peace and forgiveness as well.

Talk with your grandchildren about anyone with whom they may be having difficultly getting along and pray with them for the person and for them to be able to show love; especially when it is difficult. Get out the sticky notes and write; "Love makes peace & forgives" and put at eye level around your home - send some home with your grandchildren, so they are able to do the same.

Of course, when it comes to modeling peace and forgiveness, love is essential. If there is anyone we need to make peace with and forgive, today is the day to do so. And as your grandchildren spend time with you over the summer, be quick to encourage peace and forgiveness - it will make your home more, loving, and why wouldn't we want this!

Love makes peace & forgives . . . and so do we.

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