Sunday, May 26, 2019

"Nobody is Perfect, But God Will Use Even Our Imperfections."

This is the truth and it is sadly missed by so many in our world today. Just as with the people in the Bible, we make mistakes; but God uses us anyway in important ways. It is essential for us to be sure our grandchildren hear this message over and over again. Just look at the following examples . . .
  • David; God called him a man after His own heart, but he committed adultery and murder. However; when faced with his sin, he confessed and turned away from it. We and our grandchildren need to do the same - confess and turn away from our sin.
  • Saul; he led people in persecuting and murdering Christians, but when he came face-to-face with Jesus, he believed and followed Him for the rest of his life. We and our grandchildren need to do the same - believe and follow Jesus.
  • Rahab; she was a harlot, but she chose to believe in the God of the Israelites and hid the spies. She is in the lineage of Jesus! No matter what is in our past, our future - and the future of our grandchildren - is able to be completely changed when we choose to believe in God!
These are just three examples, but the strong message for us is our past is not something which is able to keep us from being used by God in big ways now. We just need to turn to God, trust Him and follow where He leads. The same is true for our grandchildren. Tell them how God has forgiven and changed you and share your joy in being used by God. Remember; "Nobody is perfect, but God will use even our imperfections."

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