Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Share the Joy

You will absolutely discover solid truth in this quote from Cathy Jacobs - there is a lot of joy in being a grandparent and, for some reason, it is not often talked about.

However; if you get a group of grandparents together, it is likely someone will start talking about their grandchildren and pull out their smart phone to share photos of their sweet grandchildren. Talk about the new, "grandma brag book"!

Well, rest assured, there is nothing wrong with sharing the joy you experience as a grandma - or grandpa - and your photos as well . . . you are allowed! Statistics show 90% of grandparents talk about their grandchildren - and enjoy doing so! I am certainly one of the 90%.

Do not keep the joy to yourself - share it. Especially in front of your grandchildren; let them "accidentally" overhear what you have to say about how much you enjoy spending time with them, when they have done something kind for someone else, when they make the choice to walk with God - whatever they do, let them hear you "brag" about them to the people you know.

Let them know how you feel about them - and tell them often. Share Psalms 139 with them - like in this past week's Mystery Bag project - and talk about how God thinks about them all the time.

Let your grandchildren know there is great joy in being a grandparent - children are a gift from God. Give them God's view of family and do all you are able to do to build strong family ties. Enjoy those grandchildren - and do not keep it a secret.

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