Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Teach the Truth - Intentionally & at Unplanned Times as Well

There are many important things for us to do as grandmas, and grandpas, too. Things which truly matter when it comes to handing down the faith for this life and beyond. But one absolutely essential thing for us to do is for us to make sure our grandchildren know, believe and remember the truth about Who God Is. There are many voices in our world today who tell our grandchildren God is not real, the Bible is not true and God does not answer prayer. Whether your grandchildren go to a Christian school, are homeschooled or go to public school, they will hear these messages from one place or another . . . and likely from many.

We are not able to keep them from hearing these things, and it is not our job to keep them from hearing them. It is, however; our job to consistently and faithfully teach them the truth, so when they hear something which is not true, they will know it is not true. Judges 2 shows what happens when we do not teach the generations who follow us the truth about Who God Is, so they will know, love and follow Him for themselves.

My husband and I are committed to teaching our grandsons the truth about God. We do this intentionally in planned activities and watch for all the unexpected opportunities life provides for us to reinforce this truth with our grandsons. The other day when the boys were at our house I asked them to each tell me one thing they knew for sure was absolutely a rock-solid truth about God. They did not have to take any time to think about their answers. Our oldest grandson immediately said; "I know God is real!", our middle grandson answered; "I know God loves us!" and our youngest grandson said; "I know God created me, and everything!"

All three answers are the truth and it is our prayer our grandsons will hold tightly to the truth throughout their lives. We will continue to communicate the truth to our grandsons - as long as God gives us life to do so. (Oh, and, out of curiosity I asked the boys what was something they knew for sure was absolutely a rock-solid truth about their poppa and I, without hesitating, they all said; "You love us!" They are absolutely correct and my heart is filled with joy!)

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