Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We Have a Sacred Trust

We grandparents are not "insignificant" people in the lives of our grandchildren. No, not at all. We are the second most influential people in the lives of our grandchildren (second only to the parents) and as such we are able to influence our grandchildren in powerful ways.

This means a great deal to us as grandparents; it means we have something of value to offer. And, most importantly, it means something to God as He has called us to influence our grandchildren. The Kimmels are correct, grandparenting is a sacred trust, because God has entrusted us to hand down the faith - the presence of grandchildren in our lives is proof of this sacred trust.

So, be a grandparent who takes this sacred trust to heart and imprint your grandchildren for true greatness - so they are great in their love for God, great in the way they hold tightly to their faith, great in the way they show love to others, great in the way they talk with God; so one day they will be parents, then grandparents who take their sacred trust seriously and hand down the faith to the generations who come behind them - most definitely true greatness.

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