Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A True Super Power

Nearly six years ago, I crocheted a blanket for my soon-to-arrive youngest grandson. It had Noah's Ark with an elephant, giraffe, turtle, fish and dove on it. I had also crocheted blankets for my two older grandsons when they were newborn, but as I completed the blanket for my new grandson, I decided to make new, bigger blankets for my two older grandsons. I was surprised at how happy they were to receive their bigger blankets (they still use them today, nearly six years later!)

When I crochet blankets - or hats or anything for my grandsons (or anyone I know) I pray for them while I crochet. My grandsons know I do this - they say they are "covered in grandma's prayers" whenever they are covered in their blankets.

At any rate, my now nearly six year old grandson is ready for his own bigger blanket, so he asked if I would make it black, red and yellow with batman, batShane, batGimli and bat Roxie (Gimli and Roxie are his dogs - his brother's blankets have them and their dog Gimli on them). He is definitely a fan of batman.

While my youngest grandson thinks batman is cool and the best superhero around, I want him to know Jesus is the One True Superhero! He truly is able to save him. And, I want him to know while playing pretend with superheroes like batman is fun, he and his brothers are able to be real superheros whenever they talk with God; especially if they pray for others.

We are working on a project this Summer to pray through several passages in Psalms. As my grandsons learn to be people who pray; people who talk to God, it is my prayer they will see how God answers their prayers and they will come to see Him for Who He is; in all His real power and glory.

Take time this week to share with your grandchildren how God has answered a prayer for you and encourage them to keep track of how He does this for them - no matter their age, they and we have a true "super power" . . . we are able to talk with God and know He will answer.

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