Thursday, June 27, 2019

Being Remembered for What Matters

We grandmas tend to be pretty accomplished at planning times with our grandchildren to connect with them; such as times when we bake together, work on crafts together, go for walks together, play games together . . . the operative word for no matter what it is we do is, "together". These times together are all about building memories and our relationship and they matter.

When we invest our time and love in the children with whom God has blessed our lives, the impact on their lives is lasting. We will be able to enjoy times together which build memories and our relationships as well as share with them the truth about God and how much He loves them; and how they are able to love Him back. Our grandchildren will remember us, the times we spent with them and the important things we have taught them. 

While we want our grandchildren to remember us for the things we said and did together and how very much we love them, the thing we want them to remember the most is what we had to say about God's faithfulness and love for them. When we hand down the faith, we leave a legacy which truly matters and has lasting value. 

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