Friday, June 28, 2019

"Hugs Are Good for You"

I have been blessed to have my grandsons spend several days a week this summer at my house along with our usual weekly sleepover. With one third of the summer behind us, it has been a wonderful summer so far for sure!

Today I'm happy to share with you something my grandsons said on one of their sleepovers. We were getting ready for bed and I hugged Shane,
 hugged Caleb then asked Josiah (ten years old) if he wanted a hug, too. Happily, he did, so of course, I hugged him. 

Then their Poppa said hugs are good for us and this surprised Josiah; which of course meant they had to talk about how studies show people who hug and receive hugs are healthier and live longer. To which Josiah said; "Then Caleb, Shane and I will be very healthy and live a very long time, because we get LOTS of hugs; especially at your house!" Then he looked at me and said; "And apparently you are going to be very healthy and live a very long time, too, grandma, because you give a LOT of hugs!" Caleb added; "And, you get a lot of hugs, too!" So, of course, we all hugged again!

This conversation made my heart happy, and it reminded me how vital it is to spend time with my grandsons and to let them know no matter what, they are absolutely loved. And even more important than them knowing I love them, is for them to know God loves them. Happily, on this point, the boys know they are loved by God, too! 

What have your grandchildren said lately to put a smile on your face? Please share in the comments below.

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