Saturday, June 1, 2019

Invest in the Welfare of Our Grandchildren

Of course we as grandparents are invested in the physical welfare of our grandchildren - we care about their well-being and even 72% of us take care of our grandchildren on a regular basis, 81% have our grandchildren with us for part or all of their Summer vacation and 13% are primary caregivers for their grandchildren. Yes, we do care about and invest in the physical welfare of our grandchildren.

We also invest in the emotional welfare of our grandchildren; we tell them we love them, we encourage them as they grow and learn to do new things and we offer comfort as they experience the sad and difficult times in life. Yes, we all care and are able to invest in the emotional welfare of our grandchildren.

But, there is one more essential place in which we need to invest our time, focus and resources; we need to invest in the spiritual welfare of our grandchildren. This is something all of us are able to do and it is something we must do. This is about handing down the faith and we do it when we pray for our grandchildren, when we talk with them about our faith and how they are able to love, know and walk with God. Be a grandparent who hands down the faith on purpose. because investing in our grandchildren's spiritual welfare is the most important thing we will do.

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