Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Love = Time

This quote reminds me of my grandsons. They have recently discovered the "joy" of "hangouts". In case you do not yet know what this is, it is a way they are able to call you through google accounts and actually see you while they talk to you - or just use it to send you messages.

My grandsons will often use it to call me - or message me - and these times of "connection" may last for some time. But, I am happy they want to communicate with me, so I talk with them - or send them messages - as long as we are able. I know as they grow older, they are less likely to do this - or at least for as long and as often. I want them to grow up remembering their grandma was willing to listen to them, talk with them and send them messages. I want them to know they really matter to me, because I made time for them.

Love does equal time and I will give them as much time as I am able through the time I have on this earth; whether it is spent building fun memories or communicating truth. They have my love, without a doubt - and I will show it by giving them my time as well.

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