Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Take What You Have & Do It

I originally wrote this post a few months ago, but since I'm wrapping up the series using quotes from Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers), I thought I'd go ahead and share it again today.

If you are a grandma (or grandpa/parent) who is confident when it comes to handing down the faith, then wonderful! Get out there and hand down the faith!

But, if you are a grandparent who wonders what to do, how to do it and if you are even able to hand down the faith, just take what you know . . . cooking, crafts, reading, writing, playing, building with legos, anything you are able to do . . . and use it to connect with your walk with God and His Word. This is handing down the faith! For example . . .

  • If you like to cook or bake, involve your grandchildren in cooking/baking; let them help you make/bake something. Then have them share with a neighbor - show love to another. Connect it with Mark 12:30, 31 and you have handed down the faith!
  • If you like to take walks in a local park, woods or on a beach, take your grandchildren with you. As you walk, watch for how things are growing, what the change of season looks like, something surprising or wonderful about God's creation, connect it with Colossians 1:16, lead them in thanking and praising God for His great creation and you have handed down the faith! 
  • Go outside on a nice day and play a game of, "Grandma Says" (or Grandpa, Mom, Dad Says). Have your grandchildren run, crawl, walk backwards, take giant steps, twirl, climb, skip, etc. When you are all tired, talk about how God created them to be able to move, run, jump, etc and spend time thanking and praising God - you have handed down the faith!
These are just three simple examples of how you are able to take what you know, what you have and use them to hand down the faith. Do this - it is what matters.

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