Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Trust God's Grace to Keep You

As grandmas (and grandpas/ parents) who believe in, love and walk with God, we want to hand down the faith to the children we love, so they are able to believe in, love and walk with God as well. We want them to have the confidence in knowing they are forgiven. We want them to have the confidence in knowing God not only hears, but listens to and answers their prayers. We want them to have the confidence in knowing God will never leave them. And, we want them to know as they go through their lives, God's grace is able to keep a strong hold on them, no matter what they face.

These are the reasons we hand down the faith.

We need to be grandmas (grandpas/parents) who tell the children we love these things, but more importantly, we need to be people who show we believe these truths by the way we live. While we will have times in our lives where we experience God's blessings, there will also be times when we face difficulties and challenges; times when we do not understand what we are going through and times when we do not see a clear path before us. But, in these times, we are able to live as people who firmly trust and believe God will NEVER lead us where His grace will not hold us tightly.

The ones we love will also face these times in their lives and if they are able to point to the example we lived before them of trusting God, they will be better able to do the same.

So, trust the truth of how God's will will never lead you where His grace is not able to keep you - and share this truth with the ones you love.

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