Saturday, July 27, 2019

Be the "Link" and "Span" the Gap

Do you have a grown child and/or grandchild who is not walking with God? Do you wonder if they will ever return to the faith they once had? Or, do you look at the world around the ones you love who are walking with God and fear for what the future holds for them; there are so many things which have the potential to side-track and/or derail their faith. Do you wonder if there is anything you are able to do to make a difference in their lives to help them return to a walk with God or hold fast to their walk?

While you are not able to "make" the ones you love turn to and walk with God, you are able to have an influence which makes a true difference. God's plan is for us as grandparents and parents to hand down the faith by sharing how He has worked in our lives, so our children and grandchildren know God and what He has done. He also wants us to be people who stand in the gap and pray faithfully for the ones we love. Our prayers matter because God has promised to hear, listen to and answer them and He is not only able to draw the ones we love to Him (it is why Jesus came to Earth), but He wants to draw them to Him - He loves them even more than we do.

I love this quote from Joni where she shared how babushkas - grandmas - in Russia did not give up on handing down the faith and praying for their children and grandchildren when their country turned to atheism. God answered their faithful prayers and drew children and grandchildren back to Him. 

If you have grown children and/or grandchildren who are not walking with God, do not give up. Do not lose heart. Hold on to the truth - what you do is able to make a difference when you share how God is working in your life and stand in the gap to pray for them.

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