Monday, July 15, 2019

God Always Does What He Says He Will Do

One more month. At this grandma's house we have one more month of Summer vacation and then the new school year begins. We are planning to get the most out of this month as we spend time together building memories and talking about trusting God as the new school year begins.

I have a grandson who will be in First Grade, a grandson moving into Third Grade and a grandson entering his first year in a new school - Sixth Grade. It will be a big year for sure and I want my grandsons to know God is with them, they are absolutely able to trust Him and He has plans for them.

Look at this wonderful verse and promise in Isaiah 25:1 -
Lord, you are my God. I honor You and praise You,
because You have done amazing things.You have always done what You said You would do; You have done what You planned long ago.
Yes! God always does what He says He will do! Consider making this a prayer for you and your grandchildren to make a part of how they begin school days this year . . . 
Dear God, thank You for being my God; I honor and praise You for all the amazing things You have done for my grandchildren/me in the past. As they/I go through this day, please give them/me eyes to see how You do what You have planned and help them/me remember, no matter what, they are/I am able to trust You.
You might write out the prayer for your grandchildren and give it to them before they begin this school year. You could also call them the night before school begins and pray it with them over the phone. Let them know you will be praying it for them throughout the school year - and encourage them with the truth about how God always does what He says He will do and He has promised to never leave them, to always hear their prayers and to love them forever!

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