Wednesday, July 17, 2019

God Sightings

In our day-in-day-out lives do we live in . . . or even tend to notice, the mystery and wonder of God? Or do we tend to be so busy with "life", we do not stop and notice what truly matters the most?

I love this quote from one of our Grandmas with Heart, Joani Schultz. She is correct. We need to, "Live in the mystery and wonder of God. Watch for - and talk about - God's reality, presence and action in our lives today." I love how Joanie, and her team at Group Publishing, calls this, "God Sightings".

We are able to do this in our lives and when we teach our grandchildren to watch for, "God Sightings", we are handing down the faith. Make it a point of what you talk about whenever you are together - how have you been able to see/experience God's kindness? What have you noticed about the beautify of God's great creation? When did you last enjoy a wonderful hug . . . and of course, grandma is always willing to give out hugs!

As Joani says; "Simply acknowledging God reminds you, and others, He matters." Spend time acknowledging God with your grandchildren - keep track of how you all, "see God"; this is handing down the faith and it matters!

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