Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - Walk Through Paper

I love to use science projects, origami projects and activities which are likely to capture the attention of my grandchildren; especially when I want to talk with them about something specific from the Bible or about walking with God and this one "amazed" them!

You will need . . .

  • Paper lunch bag - one per child
  • Paper - one per child
  • scissors
Take a simple piece of printer paper and ask your grandchildren if they believe you will be able to cut a hole large enough for them to walk through - hold up the paper so they are able to see it is just a regular sheet of paper. They will likely say, "no". Tell them you will be able to do exactly this and make a few cuts following this link  for directions about the specific cuts you need - practice before you do this for your grandchildren. Your grandchildren will be "amazed" as they walk through the hole you cut in a regular piece of paper!

Then for the intentional part, talk about how David was just a regular teen, but he made the choice to know and walk with God. David knew he was able to trust God, because he spent time getting to know God. So, when faced with the giant Goliath, he trusted God . . . even when faced with a huge, scary, angry giant. The result was amazing! 

Just as it does not seem likely we will be able to cut a hole in a piece of paper which is large enough for us to fit our whole bodies through, it did not seem likely a teen boy would be able to face and defeat a seasoned soldier; especially one who was an actual giant. But, with the right cuts we are able to walk through a sheet of paper and more importantly, when we know, walk with and trust God, He will do amazing things in our lives, too!

Try this fun activity with your grandchildren and "amaze" them; more importantly, challenge them to see how God "amazes" them when they know, walk with and trust Him! Consider keeping a journal of the ways you all see God do amazing things in your lives, because along with learning to watch for the "amazing", we need to remember the "amazing" as well.

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