Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - Release, Pray & Watch What God Does

Do you have a grandchild who is apprehensive about returning to school? Or a grandchild who is afraid of something? Or a grandchild who has a burden on their heart? Or would you like an idea for how you may involve your grandchildren in an activity which will help them remember how they are able to tell God about anything which is on their heart? If so, check out this simple, fun and memorable idea to help you hand down the faith.

I really like using activities with my grandsons like the one I'm about to share with you, because they remember the project AND the point which goes with it, so to me, it seems like a "no-brainer" to use science projects with them whenever possible!

You will need . . .
  • Paper lunch bag - one per child
  • Popsicle sticks - LOTS of popsicle sticks - divide them between the lunch bags, so all the children have some to contribute to the project
  • Magnet strip - a length a couple inches long per child
  • Markers
If your grandchildren are experiencing a difficult situation, are afraid of something or have a really big prayer request, share with them how Hannah prayed and asked God for a baby. Hannah was really sad because she was being bullied by her husband's other wife who had children, so not only did she feel sad because she really wanted a baby - which she did not have - but she was bullied and feeling bad about herself for not having a baby. 

Now, Hannah could have let her sadness grow and cause a chain reaction of anger and bitterness, but instead, she turned to God! She poured out her heart in prayer to God and asked Him for a baby. As we know, God answered Hannah's prayer and she had a son who she named, Samuel, which means, asked of God. Hannah's sadness was turned to joy when she turned to God with her sadness!

To help this point "stick", I used a new experiment  with my grandsons which I found on-line - it uses popsicle sticks - LOTS of popsicle sticks. When we laid them on the table in a certain pattern; practice the pattern you see on the link above, so you are ready to do this with your grandchildren. Work with them to set it up on your table or a long, clear counter - your grandchildren will be able to see first hand what a chain reaction looks like. 

Then, and most importantly, connect the project to how sadness or sometimes our concerns "weave" into our lives and cause a chain reaction of anger and bitterness which will "hold" us down, but when we turn to God, He causes this sadness to "release" and the result will be noticeable! And, when we become people who pray, we are able to "release" the things which burden our hearts to God and the result is amazing!

After your project give each grandchild a popsicle stick and write, "talk to God" on one side and add a magnet strip to the other so they may take it home and remember to release their sadness to God like Hannah did!

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