Saturday, July 6, 2019

Help the Children You Love Benefit from Being Thankful

I want my grandsons to grow up as people who are thankful, so we take time each time they are at our house, to focus upon at least one thing for which they are thankful. We do this at mealtime. Rather than have just one person pray and give thanks, we have each person at the table share something for which they are thankful. When my youngest grandson was two, he nearly always said, "donuts", whether we had any donuts in the house or not! My oldest grandson once shared when he was five how he was thankful for gravity. Then he told me, "without gravity we would float away." He was correct. I am also thankful for gravity!

As my grandsons grow older, they share how they are thankful for their family, for blessings in their lives and still come up with unique things for which they are thankful as well!

I love hearing the things for which they are thankful - I'm quite certain God does as well. And I love how my grandsons are learning not just to be thankful people, but how they are able to be thankful for big things, small things and everything in-between.

One of our Grandmas with Heart - Linda Ranson Jacobs, wrote a wonderful post about how the brain of children of divorce benefit from being thankful (you will find it at this link). Certainly these children benefit from being thankful - and so do us all.

Take time to make being thankful a part of time spent at your house - and model what this looks like as well, because, as Linda said; "Children who show appreciation are overall happier and have better attitudes, because they feel better about themselves.

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