Monday, July 29, 2019

Learn From Your Grandchildren

This quote is true as we absolutely learn how much patience we have when we spend time with children! Take time today to show your patience by connecting with your grandchildren - in person or through tech - and build your  relationship by . . .
  • Talking about how their summer is going. Ask them what they have enjoyed the most so far, ask them what they have learned, ask if they have tried something new.
  • Talk about your favorite Bible verse, adventure, person, etc.
  • Go to church together - after the service go out to lunch and talk about the message, the songs which were sung and any questions your grandchildren may have.
  • Pray with your grandchildren; ask them for a specific prayer request for you to pray about them in the weeks leading up to the start of the new school year.
  • Ask them if they have tried any new food - if possible, arrange to meet and go to a farmers market to try a new veggie or fruit together. If your grandchildren live too far to do this, send some money to them and ask their parent to take them to a local farmers market - and take photos of them trying something new.
  • Meet to do something nice together for a neighbor.
These are just a few ideas for ways to connect and build your relationship with your grandchildren . . . and while you do, you are likely to learn something new as well!

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