Saturday, July 13, 2019

Model Living Life with God's Perspective Guiding Us

For the past week, to help you see a bit of the heart of our Grandmas with Heart, I have been sharing quotes from each of them; Linda Ranson Jacobs, Sherry Schumann, Cathy Jacobs, Debbie Guinn, Joani Schultz, Nohemi Murray, Deb Del Villar and today I'm sharing one from me, Lynda Freeman.

The ones we love are growing up in a world where they may be taught it is perfectly fine to believe whatever they want to believe. They hear and see others tell them their opinions are just as correct as the opinions of anyone else - unless their opinions tend to lean towards a more conservative or Biblical viewpoint. It is a confusing world in which our grandchildren/children are growing up for sure.

However; we know the truth. God's perspective is the truth. When we align our thoughts and beliefs, and very importantly, our actions with God's Word - the place where we are able to learn God's perspective - we will be able to live with the confidence we are making the correct and wise choice. 

Certainly, as intentional Christian grandparents/parents, we are focused and purposeful about sharing the truth of God's Word - God's perspective - with our grandchildren/children, but, while this is an essential thing for us to do, the most important and effective way for us to teach the ones we love what it means to live life with God's perspective guiding our choices, is by modeling it. We need to live our lives by God's perspectives and when we do our lives will speak far louder, and significantly more effectively, than any words we ever speak. 

When it comes to handing down the faith, in all you say, and most importantly do, keep in mind the truth of how, "the Bible's perspective is God's perspective, so if we want our grandchildren (children) to grow up to be people who love, know and walk with God, it is extremely important for us to model what it means to live life with God's perspective guiding the choices we make."

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