Saturday, July 20, 2019

Remember - They Are Watching

I've been blessed to enjoy a busy and wonderful summer with sweet, rascal boys . . . typically at least two days a week while both their parents were at work plus either a Friday or Saturday night at our house on sleepovers. Next week we are having our Four Days of Fun - complete with Water Wars (water balloons, water guns, water balloon pinata - people will be wet!). tie dye day, a day for explosions (science projects which make a big mess - outside projects!) and a day to have fun at a splash pad and a fun event at church.  We will have so much fun!

We have had, and will be having, a lot of fun this summer, but mixed in with all this fun, I've noticed something which has reminded me of something important. First, what I have noticed . . .

My three, sweet rascals are about to turn six, eight and eleven. They are all active boys with lots of energy and enthusiasm. If my two oldest grandsons are playing a game, of course the youngest one notices and must play the same game, too! If my two older grandsons go outside to play, of course my youngest grandson notices and must go outside to play. If my two oldest grandsons have a snack, you guessed it! Of course, my youngest grandson must have a snack, too!

You are able to put any, "if my two older grandsons are doing something" in the sentence and the end is sure to be, "of course my younger grandson must do it, too!" This little brother watches everything his big brothers do and if they do it, or want it, of course, so does he!

And now what this reminded me of . . . to pay attention to how much the boys all watch the grown-ups in their lives - because they most certainly are. If for no reason other than this, I need to focus on being a good example and upon handing down a heritage of faith to my three sweet rascals; because they are watching everything I do and say and if I do/say something, it is likely they will follow suit.

Since it matters so much to me for my three grandsons to grow up to be boys, then teens, then young men and one day grown men who love, know and follow God, I will set an example for them now, so they will see what this looks like.

Remember, your grandchildren are watching and they will do/say/think what you do!

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