Friday, July 12, 2019

Remembering is Important

I (Lynda), like most people, have family and friends across the country, so I use facebook. I have found it is a great way to stay in touch, but the thing I like most about it is a special feature called, "On this Day". I love this because each morning it brings up things I posted, "On this Day" in previous years. Since I tend to be intentional about writing the things my grandsons say and do, and time spent with family, I find these daily posts to be a wonderful way to remember - and they bring great joy to me on a daily basis.

Remembering is important, but we people often are forgetful. We see this was the case back in Bible times as in the Book of Judges we read how over and over again God's people did not remember all He did for them, did not tell the new generations and then they fell into sin. Other countries attacked them, so the people called out to God for help. Now, you might think He probably just told them to deal with it on their own, since they forgot Him, but God always showed grace and helped them. This resulted in the people turning back to God; until the next generation forgot and this happened again and again.

As I said, remembering is important - back in Bible times and today as well. To help you remember the important things God does for you, consider getting a special book which you designate as your, "Family Faith & Prayer Journal". Write in it how God has shown His grace to you, and any history you know of the generations who came before you. Share it with your grandchildren. As God continues to show His grace to you and to them, enter the accounts into your journal.

You might make copies of your journal which you present to your grandchildren when they graduate from High School, college or get married, so they will have a copy of their own to help them remember and to which they are able to add how God continues to show His grace to them; and the generations who follow them.

Remembering is important . . . be intentional about remembering; and help the generations who follow you remember as well.

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