Sunday, July 28, 2019

Stumbles in Their Walk with God

I remember when my own children and grandchildren learned to walk. They held on to furniture, the window sill and to us as they learned to get their sense of balance. It didn't take long before they were not just walking, but were running all over our house!

I love this quote from Max Lucado - it is so true. As the ones we love learn to walk with God throughout their lives, we may expect there will be times where they stumble and even fall as well as times when they take off and run. During those times when they stumble and fall, just as when they learned to physically walk, they may need to, "hold on" to us and turn to us for help in their spiritual walk. One way we are able to give this help is by telling them how God has worked in our own lives and about the times when we stumbled, fell as well as the times when we took off and ran in our walk with God.

Remember, it is essential for us to encourage them to get up and walk again in the times when they stumble and fall. Do not hold them to an impossible standard of perfection. They will stumble and fall at times; just as we have. Be sure they know you are there to encourage and offer a helping hand to aid them in getting back up; just as God is always there for them. Encourage and support them with your prayers - throughout their walk with God. 

As Max Lucado said; stumbles do not invalidate or annul who we are in God's eyes. Be sure the ones we love know this is true for us as well.

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