Tuesday, July 30, 2019

They are Divine Appointments

Sons, daughters, (in-laws) and grandchildren are all gifts from the hand of God. He blesses our lives with them to give us joy and for us to make a difference in their lives as well. But, He does not "distribute" these people into our lives haphazardly. No, not at all. God gives us specific sons, daughters, (in-laws) and grandchildren. Each one is, as Wess Stafford said; "a Divine appointment". 

Take some time today to consider the purpose these gifts from God, these, "Divine appointments" bring to your life . . . 

  • The specific people in your life are there for you to hand faith to them.
  • They are there for you to share with them the blessings and challenges in your life where God has shown Himself to be with you.
  • They are there for you to share with them the big and small ways God has heard and answered your prayers.
  • They are there for you to remember how God worked in your life and for you to tell them, so they will know this and will be able to watch for, remember and tell future generations how He does the same for them.
  • They are there for you to love them and to let them know how very much God loves them as well.
  • They are there for you to show them what it looks like to live life with joy and peace from God.
These are just some of the reasons God puts the sons, daughters, (in-laws) and grandchildren in your life who you have in your life. They are not there "accidentally". They are there for a purpose and what you say and do does make a difference in those lives.

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