Wednesday, July 31, 2019

We Are Able to Point Them

As our grandchildren head back to school in the coming weeks, we know there will be many voices pulling them in different directions. Some will be solid directions built upon the truth of God's Word. Some will not. While we could look at those other directions and feel concerned, or even afraid, we do not need to. God has given us a sound instructions and a solid promise in His Word . . . 
Point your children in the right direction - when they are old, they won't be lost. - Proverbs 22:6
It is not our job to make the decisions for our grandchildren about the direction they will go. Making decisions for them is not our job. But we do have a God-given job. Yes, most absolutely, yes, we point them in the right direction, and then we trust them into God's hands; which are absolutely the best place for them to ever be.

We are not able to make our grandchildren go the right direction. (Or our grown sons and daughters, either.) We are not able to draw them to God. We are able to remember and tell them about God's great deeds, so they will know the truth of Who He is. We are able to share with them the truth of God's Word, so they will grow up and trust God. We are able to pray for them. We are able to point them in the right direction. There are important and necessary things which we are able to do.

And God is able - and willing - to draw them to Him, so they will go in the right direction, or return to the right direction when they are old. 

So, be intentional when it comes to pointing the ones you love in the right direction - it does make a difference! 

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