Sunday, July 21, 2019

We Have a Higher Calling

I am sure we all want to be "good" grandparents who do an excellent job of "being grandparents" and who enjoy our grandchildren. But, as Cavin Harper so wisely says; "While enjoying them is important, courageous grandparents know about a higher calling of spending themselves so another generation will know, love and serve Christ with their whole being."

We have a calling, a higher calling from God, to hand down the faith to our grandchildren; we are not called to play with them, go places with them, even just spend time with them, etc. We are called to hand down the faith and this is the most important thing we will ever do with them. It is our Higher Calling.

Now, this does not mean we do not play with them, go places with them, spend time with them, etc, but when we do those things they have a high purpose and we have a high calling; the purpose of pointing the children we love to a walk of their own with Jesus. 

Yes, we do these things to build a solid relationship with them, because they are the grandchildren God has chosen to give to us and because we are far more able to build a strong relationship with them where we are able to hand down the faith, when we spend time with them and know our grandchildren. So, playing with our grandchildren, going places with them, spending time with them, etc. are all able to have a higher purpose, because we have a higher calling.

Build a strong, solid relationship with your grandchildren. Spend time with them, do things with them, definitely enjoy them, but keep your higher calling in mind at all times and watch for as well as plan for opportunities to point them to Jesus.

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