Friday, July 26, 2019

You are Able to Play a Profound and Contemporary Role as Grandparent

You may be a grandparent like my husband; he is a tech poppa. He knows pretty much everything there is to know about pretty much every type of tech and is able to have those "techie" conversations with our grandsons. Or, you may be a grandparent like me - I am baffled by most tech. If there are more than two steps, I get "lost" and even my five-year-old grandson knows more tech than do I. When I have tech questions - which is often, I am able to ask my grandsons for help; which they happily give to me.

One day when we were riding in the car with our grandchildren, their poppa and I told our grandsons there were no video games, computers, cell phones, blu rays, dvds or even video players when we were children. Our grandsons' eyes got big and they said; "There weren't??? Did you even have TVs when you were little???" We told them we were not that old and did have TVs, but our grandsons were quite sure we were ancient! Not really ancient, but they were quite happy they are growing up in the time in which they are living - with the tech.

Whether you are like my husband or I and know about tech or not, you are able to interact with your grandchildren and tech. If you are a "techie" person, enter into discussions about the tech your grandchildren enjoy. Encourage them to learn to code and to use tech appropriately. The world in which they live is one where increasingly education and jobs will involve the use of tech, so it is a valuable skill for them to master.

If you are a "non-techie" person like me, do what I do and ask your grandchildren for help. They will love being able to teach you how to use tech - my oldest grandson (almost 11) wants to teach me to code! And, just as with the "techie" grandparents you know, encourage your grandchildren to learn to code and to use tech appropriately.

Techie or not, as Tim Kimmel says; "You are able to play a profound and contemporary role as grandparent." You are able to impact them and make a significant difference in their lives; and in handing down the faith.

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