Monday, July 22, 2019

Your Grandma Power

I originally wrote this post last year, and it has been my most read post. But, since many of you were not yet reading Grandmas with Heart when I posted this, I decided to share it again with you today.

Recently during my grandsons' weekly sleepover I made cookies. My youngest grandson "sneaked" a fresh baked cookie and said; "Your 'grandma power' is making cookies!"

I'm glad he approved of the cookies and I'm happy to have the "power" to make tasty cookies, but my greatest "grandma power" is found when I pray for my grandsons. I know there is much I am not able to do, but God is able and willing to do everything, so my real "grandma power" is for me to pray.

Guess what!!! Praying is your real "power", too! And this is a true "super" power, because God is big enough to answer our prayers and He is loving and gracious enough to answer our prayers.

So, be a grandma with the "power" to make cookies, but remember your greatest "grandma power" is to pray for your grandchildren.

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