Sunday, August 18, 2019

Be Prepared

Last week I wrote about why it is so important, so essential for us to teach God's Word to our grandchildren, so they are able to build their lives upon a firm foundation, but we must not stop there. We must also teach them the "whys" of what we believe and the "whys" when it comes to believing what God's Word says. (You will find this post at the following link.)

Today I want to write a bit more about why it matters so much for us to teach our grandchildren the "whys". At some point in their lives - and not necessarily when they are teens and young adults - could be when they are younger - even much younger - someone is going to sow a seed of doubt in their minds about if the Bible is true, God is real and if it matters and makes sense for them to believe and live their lives based on what the Bible says. This will happen. You are able to count upon it.

Often our grandchildren face teachers and other students at school who begin to sow these seeds of doubt, but sometimes they are sown by neighbors or even family members. You have to be prepared. You are not able to think this is something which you have lots of time before you will have to deal with it. It is something my husband and I have been focusing upon for the past three years - our grandchildren were just three, five and eight at the time. Yes, just three, five and eight.

I am purposeful when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities which come along to point out the "whys" of how we are able to believe in God and the Bible. When I see something in the news about some of the unique creatures God created - like the Carrier Crab and the Fire Urchin I wrote about a few months back (see this link) I talk with my grandsons about how they show believing in God makes sense.

When I learn about a resource to help me prepare for the questions which will come at some point in time, I get it and I study it, so I am prepared. When my grandsons tell me a teacher or someone at school told them it doesn't make sense to believe in God, because science has proved the Bible isn't true, I want to be able to give them sound answers as to why they are able to believe the Bible is true and know how to show them the truth about how science shows us the Bible is true. (I want to recommend one such resource to you now which I just bought - The Case for Christianity Answer Book by Lee Strobel - you will find out more about it by clicking on the book title.) 

A few weeks ago my youngest grandson who just turned six told us he was not sure he believed in God anymore. This broke my heart for many reasons, but my husband and I remained calm and we talked about why he felt this way. Then just two weeks ago, my son and daughter-in-law found a house which would be perfect for their family - they were all so excited about it, but here in West Michigan houses get snapped up very quickly. My son was not sure if the sellers would accept their offer, or wait for their scheduled open house a few days later for what was likely an inevitable bidding war. My husband and I prayed. I asked friends across the country to pray. I specifically prayed Proverbs 21 - I asked God to take the hearts of the sellers and turn them away from saying "no" to saying "yes" and accepting the offer. God answered this prayer - the sellers at first were going to say no, then all of a sudden they said; "Well . . . why not?" and accepted the offer! My son's family will be moving to a new home in an excellent school district (one of the top 250 in the country!) - it has so many wonderful extras which are perfect for their family!

When we talked about this with our grandsons and I told them how I had prayed, my youngest grandson said; "Well, I know for sure now God is real!"

Watch for opportunities to point out how amazing God and His creation are and how they show us it only makes sense to believe in Him. Educate yourself as to the "whys", so you are prepared. And pray - and be ready to share how God answers and in so doing shows for sure He is real!

Be prepared.

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