Friday, August 9, 2019

"Dangerous, Expectation-Wrecking, Smile-Creating" Grace

As our grandchildren grow up and live their lives they will run into people who extend grace to them; and those who do not. But, as their grandmas (and grandpas/parents, too) we have the wonderful opportunity to be the person who they think of when they think of the word "grace", by the way we live, the things we do and say and by how we are lavish in the way we show grace to them.

If we follow God's wonderful, and perfect, example of what it means to lavish grace on people, we will know exactly how to be a grandma (grandpa/parent) who does the same. Let's be "dangerous, expectation-wrecking and smile-creating"! When we are, be sure to use the opportunity of lavishing grace on our grandchildren to point them to the One Who does the same - only ever so much better and so much more lavish!

Let's be people who lavish grace upon our grandchildren - we are not ever going to regret being this person . . . and neither will our grandchildren.

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