Thursday, August 22, 2019

Give Them Something Great to Imitate

This quote is so true - children - especially when they are young - do imitate us. They often walk like us, talk like us, smile like us, laugh like us, even have a sense of humor like ours . . . they are always watching, always listening and they get their "cues" for how to live by watching us. This is true for older grandchildren as well.

We at times may laugh at the things they do which remind us of ourselves and other family members, but there are also times it may be eye-opening to see the ways they imitate us. We need to be focused upon giving our grandchildren great things to imitate - being people who love God and others with our all, people who talk with God, people who read our Bibles, people who trust God, people who are quick to help those in need, people who have joy and who show the Fruit of the Spirit to just mention a few.

Even if you are a grandparent who is not able to share your faith with your words with your grandchildren, you are able to share it by your actions and attitude - which are the main things they "catch" from us. So, since the children you love are apt to imitate you, give them something great to imitate and in so doing you will be handing down the faith!

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