Wednesday, August 21, 2019

God is at Work

I love this quote from Cavin Harper - it is absolutely true. God has given us a job to do - we are to hand down the faith. We do this by . . . 
  • Remembering and telling about the things He has done in our lives. 
  • We are to pray faithfully for the children and grandchildren He has given to us. 
  • We are to speak the truth and tell them who God is and why they are able to believe in and trust Him. 
These are the things we are to do as we hand down the faith to the generations who come behind us.

But, we are not to worry. We are not to fear what tomorrow, next week or next month may bring. We do what God wants us to do today and we leave to God the things He will do. We trust Him fully, because we know we are not able to see everything He is doing, but we are able to trust Him to be faithful to do what He is working on.

So, take heart in knowing God is at work. Don't give up. Continue to do what you need to do today and don't worry.

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