Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Help Them Make a Safe Transition From Childhood to Adulthood

Yesterday I shared a post about an article written by Wayne Rice on handing faith to our teen grandchildren (you will find it at this link). I love how Wayne clears away the "fluff" and gets to the important focus for how we grandparents are able to make a difference in the lives of our teen grandchildren. He challenges and encourages us to do five important things which I want to highlight today . . .
  1. Engage with our grandchildren more. While we may be tempted to pull back and connect with them less as they grow older . . . they are busier, interested in things we may not know a lot about and are not into things like playing games, snuggling on the sofa and reading books together as they used to be, but this is a time to engage with them more - not less.
  2. Teach them what we know. A day will come when our grandchildren will be happy to know the things their grandparents know. Take time to teach them something which will always remind them of you and the faith you have. If you enjoy fishing - take them fishing. If you enjoy baking - teach them your "secret" recipe for your special pie. Find something to teach them and while you do, share your faith.
  3. Have meaningful conversations with them. Ask them about their plans for the future. Share with them what you thought you would be doing in the future when you were their age and how God brought you where you are today. Talk about your faith - get them to ask questions and talk about their faith as well.
  4. Listen to their ideas. Listen to them, period. Be the person who they are always able to count upon to listen to them - even if you do not understand the things which they are talking about. Listen to their concerns. Listen to their joys. Listen.
  5. Help them make a safe transition from childhood to adulthood. Certainly this is something about which we care deeply. Invest time in them. Listen. Talk. Give them respect and hand down the faith.
These five things matter, so tag this list, write it on paper and put it in your Bible - make them a focus of your prayers. As your grandchildren become teens, do not engage less with them - engage more. It truly matters.

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