Monday, August 12, 2019

Help Your Grandchildren Develop a Focus for Their New School Year

We are just a couple weeks from the start of school for my grandsons - and this year all three of them will be in new schools in a new town as their parents just bought a new house. It is an exciting - and busy time for sure! We are taking the focus for our Summer and continuing it as our focus for the Fall - loving God and others with our all, finding our strength in His joy and knowing His perfect peace.

Whether your grandchildren are moving and/or starting school this Fall in a new school or not, these three things upon which to focus will help them with every aspect of the school year before them. Consider the following . . .
  • As they love God with their all, they will grow in their walk with Him.
  • When they love others with their all, they will be able to obey teachers and treat other children in a way which shows their love for God - and will help them with building strong, healthy friendships.
  • If they learn to turn to God for the strength they need for everything from getting along, making wise choices and studying for tests, they will discover His joy.
  • And, when they love God and others with their all and find their strength in His joy, they will absolutely know His perfect peace!
Encourage your grandchildren to develop a close walk with God which comes as they love Him, experience His joy, find their strength in Him and know His perfect peace. As our grandchildren learn to do these things, they will become people who talk with God; and this is essential for them as they grow up, so they will learn what God's good plans are for their lives. Encourage them to take the dreams and interests they develop as they grow older to God in prayer. Encourage them with the truth about how God knew what He was doing when He created them and He gave them the interests and abilities they have for a purpose.

As they experience the joy which comes when they love God with their all and turn to Him for the strength they need for each day, they will become people who experience His perfect peace as they discover His plan for their lives.

If you have not already printed a copy of the blessing which goes with this, you will find it in the post at this link. Print a copy for you and one for each of your grandchildren - send it to school with them this Fall and ask them to make it part of how they start and end each day; tell them you will make it a core part of your prayers for them as well.

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