Friday, August 16, 2019

It is the Time for Us to Do What Matters

If we have grandchildren, then it is clear God wants us to hand down the faith to them. We do not have to wonder about what God wants us to do; we are able to clearly know. So, this means there are many decisions in our lives which are very easy to make. For example; if a decision before us would provide the opportunity for us to hand down the faith, then we do it. See, easy!

As the Kimmels have said, this is NOT the time for us to focus upon ourselves and what we want for us. No! it is the time in our lives where we focus upon what truly matters - handing the faith to our children and grandchildren, so they know and remember God's faithfulness and love for them. It is truly critical for us to be engaged and involved in the lives of the children and grandchildren God has entrusted to our care. This is what matters.

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