Saturday, August 17, 2019

Keep & Share a True View of God

The news for the past several months has covered shootings, riots, threats of recession and more. These events are frightening, leave us feeling helpless and may leave our grandchildren wondering where God is and why these things are happening. They are an opportunity for us to show, not just tell, but show our grandchildren what it means for us to trust God; particularly during difficult and confusing times.

I posted this past May about the tornado which hit a church not far from me four years ago to remind us, when we are only able to see the tornado (or anything else in the news), God is still there. He does have purposes; whether we are able to see them - like with the church's floor - or not.

It is so important for us as grandmas (and grandpas/parents) to keep, and share, a true view of God and Who He is. My pastor taught through Isaiah this past year. He began in Isaiah 6 and shared where it says the train of God's robe filled the temple, in the original language it is not talking about a "train" like on a gown, but rather the corner of the hem of God's robe filled the temple! The corner of His hem!

God is far bigger, far mightier, far more awesome, far more everything than we are even able to imagine. When it comes to frightening things going on in the world around us, or when a child or grandchild is wandering from faith in Him, remember; God is Able! Not only is He Able, He is willing! God loves the ones we love more than we do and He wants them to follow Him. God has promised to draw them to Him - it is why Jesus came. So today, and every day, keep a true view of God in mind; He is More. He is Able. He is loving. Trust Him.

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