Monday, August 5, 2019

Let God's Word Do Its Job - Take Root In Their Hearts & Minds

My eight-year old grandson and I were talking about how he came to believe in Jesus. He said; "When I was born my parents started taking me to your house and you started telling me about Jesus. I believe in God, because He is the only one who makes sense. He has to be real."

It does matter for us to start talking to our grandchildren about Jesus from the start. We may  not know if any of it is sinking in, but we need to share the truth with them nonetheless, because the truth does sink in. They are able to understand it.

Along with teaching my grandsons about God, Jesus and the Bible from the time when they were just little, we (their poppa and I) have been focused upon answering their questions. One Wednesday evening on the way to their house after mid-week children's club at our church, the boys asked us what the Bible taught about angels - where they came from and what they are supposed to do. So, we gave them the basics from the creation of angels, their purpose, their fall and the types of angels along with what they do now. The boys were just two, four and seven at the time and I really didn't think they would remember much.

Two years later on of the Children's Ministry staff told my husband about how he had the most amazing conversation with our then six year old grandsons about the doctrine of angels - he was amazed at what he knew! On the way home I asked him about where he learned so much about angels - he said we taught him. I told him I was surprised he remembered so much from two years earlier and he said; "Grandma! It was about angels, battles, demons, and how Jesus is going to have a final battle with His good angels against the bad demons! Why wouldn't I remember it?!!!"

Recently the head of our Middle School Ministries was talking with my daughter about how her nephew - our grandson - was in their ministry. The leader said she was surprised at how much our grandson knew; sometimes he knew more than she did.

I don't share these things to brag, but to encourage you to be intentional about teaching your grandchildren about God and faith in Him. They will remember much more than you think they will. God has promised His Word will accomplish what He planned for it to accomplish and it will not return void. Do your job - hand down the faith - and let God and His Word do their job - let the truth take root in their hearts and minds. As Joani said; "Gobble up everything about God's kingdom as we learn and grow" . . . and hand it down to the ones you love, so they do the same.

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