Saturday, August 31, 2019

Life is Wonderful - Don't Miss It

There are many ways life is wonderful - some are big and very obvious. Some may be small, not so obvious, but still wonderful none the less. Regardless of if your life is wonderful in a big, small or somewhere in-between way right now, do your best not to miss it. Watch for what God is doing; for the ways He is working in your life. Record what He is doing. Tell the ones you love.

As I have said before, throughout the Book of Judges we see over and over again where it says a new generation arose which did not know God or remember the amazing things He did for His people. When this happened, this new generation took on the behavior and beliefs of the people around them and fell into sin. Eventually they experienced difficult times and turned back to God. He could have told them they got themselves into the mess they were in - which they did - but no. God helped them when they cried out to Him.

If we forget to notice what God does for us and do not tell the generations who come behind, they will not know God. Don't miss these wonderful things! Watch for them. Tell the generations who are behind.

For example. my oldest grandson finished fifth grade this past Spring. The school he had been going to was only one which went through the fifth grade. There were a number of options for children to choose from for sixth grade and he chose one which we all thought would be an excellent school for him. But, this school accepted the incoming sixth graders by lottery and my grandson's name was not chosen. This meant he had to go to a neighborhood school - which scored D-. Not what his parent or his poppa or I wanted for him at all. I told him I did not know why God didn't open the door for him at the school we all wanted him to attend for sixth grade, but I knew He had to have something better in mind for him - although I had absolutely no idea what "better" could possibly look like.

His parents were able to get him into a charter school, but it just didn't feel like "better" than the one we had wanted him to be able to attend. Then a month ago, they found a house they wanted to buy - and it was in an amazing school district. Through several amazing answers to prayer, the owners accepted their offer and my grandson is now in one of the top 250 schools in the country - yes, in the country. He just finished his first week and it was wonderful! He is looking forward to his sixth grade year of school!

We talked about how I told him months before how I knew God had something better for him than the first school, but at the time I had no idea what could possibly be better. He said; "This is way better; and for my whole family! Not just for me as we are getting a new house, too!" God definitely knew what He was doing.

Just one example of how life is able to be wonderful. We are not missing this, for sure! 

So, watch for the big ways life is wonderful. Watch for the small ways. Watch for everything in-between. Don't miss it - and be sure the generations who follow do not miss it either.

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