Thursday, August 1, 2019

Living in the Light of Eternity

Do you remember how you felt when you held your child - or each of your children - in your arms for the very first time? Do you remember the love, the commitment to care for them and how much you cared about everything which had anything to do with them?

Do you remember how the birth of your children caused your priorities to change? Do you remember how your focus went to both the day-to-day needs of your child and to thoughts for what you needed to do to provide for them long-term?

Do you remember how you felt the first time you held your grandchildren? Did you know after just one look you were going to absolutely love them forever? Do you remember how your priorities changed once again? Retirement plans are no longer most important; what matters the most now is how you will be able to impact these new, little people God has put in your life and what you will do to hand down the faith.

As Rick Warren says; "Living in the light of eternity changes your priorities." And, as grandparents eternity feels much closer than it did when we were parents.

Eternity and the things we will do which will matter forever are truly most important, but it is all too easy to get caught up in our retirement plans, for us to focus upon where we will live, where we will travel, what we will do with our time, etc. and lose sight of what truly matters. But, when we keep eternity in view, we will find our priorities change and we are able to more clearly focus upon what matters the most - handing down the faith.

This handing down the faith does become our priority - for very good reason, but it is not difficult for it to feel almost overwhelming at times. We know how much it matters, but we may not feel up to the task. If you are a grandparent who is blessed with sons/daughters/in-laws who also are focused upon living in the light of eternity and handing down the faith, then it is not such an overwhelming priority - you are not alone in this essential job. You are able to team up with the people who love the ones you love and together you are able to make a powerful impact. 

But if you do not have family who are also focused on this priority, it is easy to feel alone. This is where your friends and church are able to come alongside you and offer support and encouragement. If you have a church and friends who do this - wonderful! If not, be the one who gets them, "on board" with this essential priority. Don't give up on helping your church understand how they are able to support, encourage and equip grandparents to hand down the faith and do all you are able to do to encourage other grandparents to live in the light of eternity.

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