Saturday, August 24, 2019

Our Top Five Reasons for Being There

I have friends who only let their grandchildren spend time at their homes once or twice a month. They say they think it was "wise" to set "limits", so their own children do not take advantage of them when it comes to taking care of their grandchildren. They said this "freed them up" to be able to enjoy their retirement.

I love my friends, but think they have completely missed what wisdom is when it comes to their grandchildren and grown children. I am happy to spend time with my grandchildren; as often as possible. My grandsons have at least one sleepover at my house each week - I am very blessed indeed!

So, why do I believe it is real wisdom to spend as much time with my grandchildren as possible? Consider the following . . .

  • In Deuteronomy 6 God tells us to hand down our faith to our children's children. My husband and I firmly believe God wants us to be engaged and focused on doing this. (There are more than 600 references in the Bible to this very thing.) 
  • We believe we are investing our time in what matters the most now, while our grandsons are young, so as they grow up, we will have the place, the relationship with them we need to hand down our faith.
  • We believe it matters what we do now. We are not getting any younger; there are no guarantees we'll be around tomorrow, next month, next year or in five years. While none of us have any guarantees about how long we are on this earth, as we get older, we know the time before us is less than the time behind us as our time on earth is getting shorter. Why would we want to spend whatever amount of time we have left doing things which do not really matter? We want our grandchildren to grow up to be teens and then young men and then adults who know, love and walk with God. Traveling, relaxing, hanging out with others who have already raised their own children - while there is nothing wrong with these things - are not things which really matter.
  • My husband and I want our son and daughter-in-law to know they are absolutely able to depend on us. When they need help or someone to stay with the boys, we want them to know they are able to turn to us. There isn't anyone else they may turn to who loves the boys more (my daughter-in-law's parents/family live in other states). They should know they are able to depend on us. If we are not there for them, for whom will we be there?
  • We know how very blessed we are to be able to spend time with our grandsons. Many grandparents do not live near their grandchildren. We do. This is a blessing from God; one for which we are most thankful, one we do not take for granted and one which we will not squander. 
There are more reasons, but these are the Top Five Reasons we have for being there, for making the choice to focus on spending time with our grandsons, for being intentional about handing down our faith and for recognizing we are oh, so blessed to be able to do these things.

I do not believe it is "wise" to keep our grandchildren at, "arms length". What else will I possibly do with my time which is more important?

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  1. Lynda I knew this was your post before I saw the name! And I totally agree.there is nothing more important than spending time sharing my faith with my grandblessing's. Sometimes it's simply just being in the same room together and they will bring it up. Those are our favorite times.


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